Orange Peel Face Mask

Natural orange peel face mask for oily skin.Orange peel has natural cleanser, astringent and skin toner. It help tightening the skin without disturbing nature's moisture balance. It removes excessive oil, acne and blemishes.


Simple Orange Peel Face Mask

Mix two teaspoons of the orange peel powder with either milk/water/rose water into a smooth paste. Apply it on your cleansed skin and leave it until it dries. You should then gently rinse it off with warm water using a muslin cloth. This orange peel face mask will help reduce the appearance of acne scars and rejuvenate your skin.


Orange Peel Mask

Homemade orange peel mask clean, open clogged pores.Orange peel is a well known remedy to manage over shiny skin. Orange peel are first dried in shade and then powdered to make a face mask for controlling oily skin. It can be used with water or curd or milk.


Homemade orange peel masks cleans, opens clogged pores and its astringent properties reduces extra oil from the skin.

Lemon Face Mask

Homemade lemon face mask is good for oily, acne or pimple prone skin.This is the fact that lemon irritates skin but at the same time lemon juice is very suitable to prevent oily skin problems. The best part of using lemon on face is its astringent and bleaching effect on skin. Natural astringent in this fruit help to tighten facial pores, reduces oil secretion and makes skin clean.

Apple Facial Mask

Natural apple facial mask for every skin typesApple Facial Mask for Every Skin Type

Mix half-pureed apple along with little quantity of warm milk and 1 egg yolk. Blend into smooth paste, leave it on for 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water.


Banana Facial Masks

How to make banana facial masks for dry skinBananas can be used for dry and normal skin type facial masks. It is versatile and nourishing. It has tons of potassium and vitamin A that are natural emollients and help reduce redness and puffiness.


Banana Facial Mask for Dry Skin

Mash one banana with 1 tablespoon of honey and mix until it forms a smooth paste. Add 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Mix all the ingredients to make a smooth paste, apply all over the face and rinse with water after 10 minutes.

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