Homemade Yogurt Mask

Homemade Yogurt Mask great for all skin types.

Yogurt mask contains lactic acid, a mild alpha hydroxy acid that helps exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells, promotes skin lightening, helps fade blemishes and dark spots, stimulates collagen production, and prevents premature aging.


In addition, homemade yogurt mask has hydrating and moisturizing properties that nourish your skin.


Homemade Yogurt Face Mask for All Skin Types

You will need:

- 1 tbsp natural yogurt, room temperature;

- 1 tsp runny honey


Combine mixture, then apply to face. For oily skin, add a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Leave it on your skin for 15-20 minutes. Clean your face with a warm washcloth to remove the yogurt mask. This simple cooling homemade mask is great for soothing a sunburnt face.


Egg Whites and Yogurt Mask

Separate the egg whites from a 2 eggs and place them in a bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt (do not use flavored yogurt). Mix them up and apply to face. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Pinse off with cold water. Wipe your fase with a towel. This homemade yogurt mask that moisturizes your skin and leaves it looking and feeling softer.


Homemade Bleaching for Face

Yogurt is good natural bleach. Beat a little amount of yogurt. Mix little amount of honey in it and apply that on your face and neck. Practice this method regularly and within few days all the black spots will go.


Kiwi and Yogurt Face Mask

Take a full ripe kiwi fruit and add in 1 tablespoon of natural yogurt. Mash the kiwi fruit in the yogurt. Apply a thick layer of face mask on clean skin avoiding eye area. Wait 15-20 minutes and rinse thoroughly with tepid water. Follow with moisturizer or night cream. This mask brightens your skin.