Potato Eye Mask

How to make Potato Eye Mask recipeRaw Potato Eye Mask 1

Peel a potato and cut it into a number of slices. Area these slices beneath your eyes for about twenty minutes and then rinse the area with tepid water to lighten dark circles naturally. The fluid starch current in potatoes contains an enzyme called catalase, which can help reduce under eye circles.


Raw Potato Eye Mask 2

Take a raw potato. Wash and clean it. Grate the potatoes on the finest grater. Cut two pieces of gauze. Close your eyes. Put them on lids. Put the grated potato on the gauze. Keep the mask for 15-20 minutes in lying position. Gauze will protect your eyes from small pieces of potato. Carefully remove the mask from the eyes and gently wash it with cold water. Pat the face with a tissue. Apply moisturizing eye cream to the lower eyelids. This potato eye mask could really help to cope with swelling around the eyes.


Enjoy the result. You look a lot better!