Yogurt Face Mask

Easy to make yogurt face mask for for all skin types.Yogurt has mild astringent and bleaching effects, and its high zinc content minimizes blemishes and spots.


It improves the appearance of pores and is a natural moisturizer. Because of the lactic acid it contains, it makes the skin soft and supple. Use a natural or organic variety of plain yogurt. If you have oily skin, use non-fat yogurt.



Yogurt Face Mask with Oatmeal

1 tablespoon of natural yogurt
1 tablespoon of oatmeal (blend it to make fine powder)

Mix together so it forms a paste. Using a clean foundation brush, apply a thick layer on the face. Wait about 25 minutes or until it dries and then rinse off with lukewarm water. This yogurt face mask with oatmeal brightens the skin, reduces redness, fades scars, tightens pores, treats blemishes, hydrates, anti-ageing, treats irritated skin, the list goes on.


Yogurt Face Mask with Cucumber

1/2 a cucumber
1 tablespoon of natural yogurt

Put the cucumber through a food processor until it's pulpy, and then mix the yogurt in by hand. Apply the mask to your clean face, and leave on for 10-15 minutes. You can place some cucumber slices on your eyes. Rinse your face with warm water. The yogurt acts as a moisturizer, while the cucumber lessens redness and provides moisture to dry, sensitive skin.